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Principal Consultant

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Before her current role at Hunt & Co., Carly completed her Bachelor in Media Communications majoring in Entrepreneurship while managing a cafe (which is where she also developed a caffeine addiction). Once graduated, she joined a Brisbane-based marketing agency and worked her way up from Admin Assistant to General Manager, all before the age of 23. It was after walking into a Women in Digital event and making a life-changing connection with Holly that Carly transitioned from recruiting for the marketing agency’s internal needs to recruiting for clients.

Her passion for all things business was evident early on. She geeks out over admin and operations and is deeply passionate about helping businesses (and people) reach their goals. Working with Australian tech startups and scaleups to build high-performing Tech, Product, Marketing and Growth teams is where she thrives.

In her role as Principal Consultant, she works directly with our clients to build their high-impact teams, find candidates their dream roles, onboard new clients and train team members on recruitment systems, processes and more. Her days are spent consulting with our clients to ensure that we go above and beyond filling a seat, dig deeper into the problems that need solving and find their missing puzzle pieces in the form of incredible candidates.

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Recent Placements:

  • Solution Architect
  • QA Engineer
  • Technical Project Manager
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Back End Engineer
  • Full Stack Developer
  • Test Automation Engineer

Fun facts about Carly Shearman:

  • Carly is the co-host of What’s The Stack. Watch Season 1 of What’s The Stack here.
  • Young Carly was too young to be employed so she had her mother sign a declaration for the government to allow her to start work before the set age limit.
  • One of my favourite books of all time is The Moment of Lift by Melinda Gates.
  • Carly is currently completing her post-grad studies at QUT working towards an MBA!

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