Digital Marketing is an exciting place to be right now. With the growth of digital careers and technology accelerating like never before, companies of all shapes and sizes and sectors are looking to ramp up their Digital Marketing strategy and employ top talent. With that said, you want to partner with a Digital Marketing recruitment agency that knows what they’re doing! Whether you are looking for a new role in this space, ready to hire some top-tier Digital Marketing talent or just sussing out what Hunt & Co. have to offer, you’ve come to the right place.

About Hunt & Co.

We are Hunt & Co. – a boutique recruitment agency run by business and digital specialists who care about creating a meaningful, long-term impact in the industry — not salespeople or recruiters.

We are driven by our purpose to create life-changing connections with businesses and people in the digital space.

We are, as one of our clients’ put it, “the most unrecruiter-like recruiters.”

You can read more about us here.

The quick elevator pitch

We partner with some of Brisbane and Australia’s favourite tech companies, SaaS enterprises, eCommerce businesses and agencies to provide recruitment and consultative talent acquisition services. We can help you find the digitally-savvy individuals you are looking for and even work with you to determine what your next hire will look like – including contract and permanent hires.

Hunt & Co. specialises in digital recruitment across Technology, Product, Design, Digital Marketing, Growth and eCommerce. Whether you are looking for an experienced SEO Specialist to help generate more leads, a CRM Specialist who deeply understands the technical nuances of automation sequences or a whip-smart Content Creator up to date with the latest social media trends, we help you to build and scale your business by harnessing the power of digital.

Why choose Hunt & Co. as your Digital Marketing recruitment partner?

When you partner with Hunt & Co., you can feel good knowing you are in a trusted pair of hands. We have built a solid reputation in industry as:

  • Career consultants: Our consultants are driven to help your career or team achieve your goals. Using our insights and industry experience, our consultants are well-equipped to guide you through the process and fill your hiring needs.
  • Passionate life-long learners: It’s a rare day at Hunt & Co. when we aren’t talking about the latest marketing podcast, discussing industry insights or sharing a new martech product. We are passionate about what we do and are dedicated to staying on the forefront industry changes.
  • Industry experience…. as marketers! In our team, we have recruiters that have done their Bachelors in Communications, Marketing and Advertising, held marketing-specific roles and led marketing teams in industry before pivoting over to recruitment. When we say ‘we get it’, we really do as we have been there!
  • Experience beyond recruitment: Many of our consultants are experts in their niche digital space with real experience working in industry. We are not only up to date on digital hiring trends in Digital Marketing, but can also ‘talk the talk’. CRM, PPC, WordPress – we understand you.
  • Proven recruitment success: With years of talent acquisition experience in the digital industry right here in the Hunt & Co. building, you are in safe and trusted hands. 88% of our candidates are still happily in employment 6 months on from being placed, with 23% being promoted within their first year.
  • Added peace of mind: We offer a Guarantee Period on all of our permanent placements for added peace of mind.
  • Human approach: We measure success on our long-term partnerships, not the volume of placements per month.

What does the digital recruitment process look like? 

This process looks a little different depending on whether you are looking for a new role or looking to build your team. To learn more about our digital recruitment process, click here.

Digital Marketing Recruitment

In a digital-first world, Digital Marketing careers are forever changing and evolving. Needless to say, the demand for Digital Marketing professionals with broad digital skills is high. But when it comes to Digital Marketing recruitment, it can often be difficult to understand what each individual candidate’s skill set is and what skills are required within a business to help accomplish company goals. After all, Digital Marketing encompasses many areas of specialisation from search, social, strategy and more traditionally, data analytics and marketing strategy. At Hunt & Co. we specialise in bridging that gap and uncovering top-tier talent suitable to the Digital Marketing support you need in your business.

Digital Marketing Generalist vs Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital Marketing is no longer a catch-all label for marketing generalists with some digital knowledge. Welcome to the era of specialising or what we love to call T-Shaped Marketers. This a marketer with wide knowledge across a range of digital tactics with deep knowledge or expertise in only a few areas. We often see candidates in this space specialising in one area (for example, search engine optimisation) and confidently executing strategies and campaigns across paid social media and email marketing. Other candidates might specialise in Digital Marketing strategy, with side skills in websites and marketing automation. As such, we cover a broad range of Digital Marketing recruitment needs including (but not limited to) social media, growth marketing, marketing automation, content, email as well various leadership roles.

As the digital world continues to evolve, one thing remains at the core for Digital Marketers and that is data (aka. customers/conversions) and how they can creatively execute a holistic campaign utilising all of their innovative ideas!

Areas of Specialisation

At Hunt & Co., each of our digital recruitment consultants is laser-focused on sourcing specialised talent within their space. Our digital marketing areas of specialisation include:

  • Marketing Leadership (e.g. Head of Marketing / CMOs)
  • Digital Marketing Specialist / Manager
  • Marketing Automation Specialist
  • Email Marketing Specialist
  • CRM Specialist
  • Social Ads / Social Media Specialist
  • Digital Account Manager
  • Content Creator
  • SEO Specialist
  • Growth Marketer
  • Digital Strategist
  • Loyalty Specialist
  • Product Marketer
  • Performance Marketing Specialist
  • Copywriter

Have a different Digital Marketing role you need to hire for that is not listed above? Get in touch with our team!

View our current opportunities here.

Recent Digital Marketing Placements

Here is a snapshot of recent Digital Marketing placements at Hunt & Co.:

  • Digital Strategist
  • Email Marketing Specialist
  • CRM Executive
  • SEO Lead
  • Digital Account Manager
  • Head of Social Media
  • Head of Digital Marketing
  • Senior Paid Media Manager

Don’t just take it from us…

Hear what some of our candidates and clients have to say about working with Hunt & Co.:

“Dimity is an absolute star. Changing jobs can be overwhelming but from our first chat she had a genuine interest in what I was looking for and matched me with the perfect role that suited my strengths and aligned with my goals.”

“Working with Dimity has been one of the highlights of my year! I am so ecstatic to stay that I’ve just accepted a role of my dreams that was created specifically for me at a company I greatly admire – and it wouldn’t have happened without Dim! I would happily recommend and work with her in the future. It’s been an absolute pleasure.”

“Dimity reached out to me and lined-up a role she thought would suit me (and she was right). In less than 2 weeks I’d had a video call with the company, a face-to-face interview and a contract on my desk – and every step of the way she called or messaged me to ensure it was what I was wanted and was right for me.”

Read our 100+ 5 Star Google Reviews.

Case Studies & Life-Changing Connections

Hunt & Co. are proud to specialise in a diverse range of digital talent. So something that is very important to us is sharing the life-changing connections our team make every day whether it be a business or candidate success story.

Check out some of the Digital Marketing Team’s Life-Changing Connections and Case Studies highlights below!

Find more Case Studies here.

Resources & Recommendations

Reading books, going to events and upskilling via courses is so important in Digital Marketing. The strategy is forever changing and what might have worked six months ago in marketing, might not work again today! Growing your career in this space requires constant upskilling to stay ahead of curve.

If you’re interested in learning more about the industry or want to get more involved in the Digital Marketing community, here are some of our top recommendations:





*BONUS TIP* Find people in the industry who are leading the charge and share their tips online! It’s important to stay curious and up-to-date!

Looking to hire?

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