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The team has spent many (wo)man-hours creating this comprehensive guide to ensure that employers and employees alike are armed with the information they need.

Inside you will find:

  • An in-depth look at 2020 and how this will inform 2021 trends.
  • Three key areas of opportunities that businesses (and candidates) need to keep an eye on.
  • A glossary of all the jobs listed in this guide because yes, there is a LOT of them!

PLUS all of the salaries and contracting rates you need!

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2021 Job Market: Digital Trends, Insights & Salary Guide

The Hunt & Co. Digital Salary Guide has been produced to ensure you are up-to-date on what the industry is currently paying for valuable digital talent.*

As an employer, this emerging trend report and salary guide will help to ensure that in 2021 you are remaining competitive in market.

As an employee, this can serve as a valuable resource to benchmark industry standards and identify future opportunities in your career.

All salaries shown are based on an annual salary excluding super, with data from LinkedIn, Seek, Indeed, Pay Scale and more.**

Role seniority can be defined as:

  • Junior: 0-2 years of experience, often works in a team.
  • Mid: approximately 3-5 years of experience, may rely on seniors.
  • Senior: 5+ years of experience, subject matter expert, often in a team leadership role.
  • Lead: 7+ years of experience, subject matter expert leading an organisational division.

We hope you enjoy reviewing this guide as much as we enjoyed compiling it for you – if we can be of any assistance in your new hire or career move, contact us today!

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