We are very excited to share the 2023 Digital Salary Guide with you.

Hunt & Co.’s Digital Salary Guide is Brisbane’s go-to resource for job seekers, employees and employers across Technology, Product, Design, Digital Marketing, eCommerce, Sales & Customer Success, People & Culture and Operations.

Whether you’re planning a career move, preparing for your next salary review or are ready to hire, these are the numbers you need to know.

For employer and hiring managers: our guide will give you deep insight into the latest hiring trends and market trends affecting demand for talent in Brisbane with practical acquisition and retention strategies to help your business secure and retain top talent.

For employees: this guide can serve as a valuable resource to benchmark industry standards, identify career opportunities, prepare for interviews or salary reviews and help you understand what is happening in the Brisbane market.

Inside you will find:

  • An in-depth look at digital and technology trends that we expect to see in 2023 and beyond
  • A deep dive into talent retention and acquisition strategies we are seeing in market
  • PLUS all of the key salaries rates you need to know

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2023 Job Market: Digital Trends, Insights & Salary Guide

The Hunt & Co. Digital Salary Guide has been produced to ensure you are up to date on what the industry is currently paying for valuable digital talent.

All salaries shown are based on an annual salary listed as $AUD excluding super, with data sourced from various employment marketplaces, Hunt & Co. industry engagements and role placements.

As an employer, this emerging trend report and salary guide will ensure you remain competitive in the rapidly changing employment market. As an employee, this can serve as a valuable resource to benchmark industry standards and identify future opportunities in your career.

Role seniority can be defined as:

  • Junior: 0-2 years of experience, often requiring direction and mentoring
  • Mid: Approximately 3-5 years of experience, able to work independently
  • Senior: 5+ years of experience, subject matter expert, often in a team leadership role
  • Lead: 7+ years of experience, subject matter expert, often leading an organisational division

We hope you enjoy reviewing this guide as much as we enjoyed compiling it for you – if we can be of any assistance in your new hire or career move, contact us today!

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