Emily Conaghan
Senior Recruitment Consultant – Technology & Product

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Emily Conaghan’s approach to recruitment is high-touch and people-focussed. After two years in internal recruitment and close to five years in human resources, Emily knows how stressful it can be to look for a new job. If she can make that process a little easier, then that’s her goal. She has also honed her skills in finding star candidates who not only fit the bill from a technical perspective but align culturally as well, which as we all know, is just as important!

Emily is driven to find out what makes people tick and her strong experience across both human resources and recruitment has gifted her the ability to match great companies with the talent they need like two perfect puzzle pieces. Hunt & Co. just wouldn’t be the same without Emily Conaghan.

In her day to day role as Senior Recruitment Consultant on the Technology & Product Desk, Emily works across Engineering; Data, AI & Machine Learning; Cloud & Infrastructure; Cybersecurity and Leadership roles.

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Recent Placements:

  • Head of Product
  • Full Stack MERN Developer
  • UX/UI Designer
  • Senior Iteration Manager
  • Data Scientist
  • Head of People & Culture
  • Web Developer

Fun facts about Emily Conaghan:

  • Emily is the co-host of What’s The Stack. Watch Season 1 of What’s The Stack here.
  • When Emily isn’t playing matchmaker on the Tech Desk, she is our resident Vibe Manager.
  • She has a music degree and yet, can’t read music. But what we can tell you is she knows how to make a killer playlist.
  • She once auditioned for the Great Australian Bake Off!

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