How do you work?

As a boutique digital recruitment agency we work as your strategic talent advisors to keep you in touch with the latest updates from the digital industry. Whether we can update you on market trends, events, available candidates or help you solve your business challenges we consider your business success as our priority. To help you achieve your recruitment needs we offer the following consulting services:

  • Employer branding and culture consulting
  • Start-up recruitment consulting
  • Candidate psychological testing, such as numerical, cognitive and verbal reasoning

What are your fees and why do I sign the Terms of Business before we’ve found anyone?

Each search assignment is different and we will discuss this in the initial meeting.

You’re not on my PSA, but we’re not happy with our current providers. Any suggestions?

Our clients are often confronted with this issue – many times companies that are on PSAs might not have the dedicated technical specialists to assist. We work with your HR team to be added to the PSA for one-off or industry specific roles as required.

Why do you need to come and visit my workplace?

The successful placement of a candidate is not only determined by their technical skill, but also their organisational culture fit. Just as it’s important that we meet with every single candidate before we represent them, it’s important that we meet with you and where possible some of your team at your workplace so that we can facilitate a holistic client – candidate match.

Why should I work with you over another recruiter?

We understand that as a Hiring Team Manager your success is determined by the talent you attract, retain and manage. At Hunt & Co. we aren’t a large generalist recruitment shop, but a boutique team of digital specialists who live and breathe digital careers. We’ve not only worked in the industry for years, we’re a part of the community – hosting and attending local meet-ups, we’re friends with our candidates and clients, and we participate in international conferences to make sure we know what trends are affecting our clients. We’re your trusted advisors on the market conditions, and if we’re partnered with to serve your talent needs, we’ll work hard to achieve your success because that can only mean good things for our business too.

I’m having trouble attracting and retaining staff – why are digital specialists so difficult?

When a company is having trouble attracting and retaining top digital talent then it’s worth stepping back and auditing the culture, team dynamics and projects offered. In a talent tight market your offering must be competitive. We’ll help you assess your competitiveness and ensure what you’re presenting is a compelling offer that will inspire and engage candidates.

How can I tell this candidate has been properly vetted by you?

We have developed a thorough candidate vetting process which systematically screens the candidates technical skills and ability, experience and personality. We guarantee that where physically possible we will meet all candidates or conduct a full Skype/telephone screening before presenting them for your consideration.

What do you ask in reference checks?

We follow a range of behavioural based questions to confirm skills, experience and attitude of the candidate, adapting each reference check and questions as required. In all instances we will ask for feedback and suggestions on how the candidate can be best managed to help the new hiring manager hit the ground running.

Why are candidate salaries so high these days?

In a talent tight market where digital skills are in hot demand, salaries are pushed higher. Having said that, candidates might be lured and change jobs in search of a higher salary, but that higher salary won’t keep them happy and loyal long-term. If you have to pay more to attract the best talent you might be compensating for a lack of culture, employee development and career opportunities.

How do I know that you haven’t just found this candidate on Seek?

We use Seek for branding in combination with a number of candidate search methods including LinkedIn, networking and referrals that only come from our dedication to the industry. Whilst we occasionally meet a great candidate through Seek we can guarantee you that this is one in a hundred. Our sights are set on finding the passive candidates in the market – the ones that aren’t actively hunting for a new role but would be open to moving for the right role.


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