In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, finding skilled technical talent can be challenging and difficult to secure (and retain). We are seeing an increasing amount of companies hiring more Iteration Managers as the solution. This is where we step in! At Hunt & Co., we don’t want to just fill seats, we want to take the businesses that we partner with on the journey and make genuine, long-lasting life-changing connections. If you’re open to new opportunities, let’s chat. We’re passionate about helping you find your next dream role. If you’re looking to hire and need a recruitment partner you can trust with strong experience with Delivery roles, get in touch with our team today! Read on to learn more about Hunt & Co. and our recruitment services.

About Iteration Management

Our favourite definition of an Iteration Manager came from the former Senior Vice President of Program and Iteration Management at CitrusAd and now Bupa’s Iteration Manager, Barbara dos Santos:

“If you think of a symphony orchestra, think of the Iteration Manager as the conductor. We don’t play an instrument, but we are there as an enabler to ensure they have the right tools, skills and capacity to deliver the desired outcomes.”

You can read more about Iteration Managers and Iteration Manager recruitment in our article (click here).

How do you know when it is the right time to hire an Iteration Manager?

Trev de Vroome, Go1’s Head of Product and now Principal wrote a terrific article about when is it time for an Iteration Manager. The signs you need an Iteration Manager include:

  • Technical standards and technical debt are really slowing down the development team
  • The speed of delivery through the team is inefficient
  • The use of processes are inconsistent, ill-defined or not happening at all
  • You are constantly feeling the pinch of time
  • Roadblocks and incidents are regular occurrences and can typically go undetected or remain open for days
  • There is so much noise and competing priorities it is hard to keep the team on task
  • The team is feeling burn out, unmotivated or overwhelmed

You can click here to read Trev de Vroome’s article in full.

Interested how Hunt & Co. could help you with your Iteration Manager recruitment? Read on!

About Hunt & Co.

We are Hunt & Co. – a boutique recruitment agency run by business and digital specialists who care about creating a meaningful, long-term impact in the industry — not salespeople or recruiters.

We are driven by our purpose to create life-changing connections with businesses and people in the digital space.

We are, as one of our clients’ put it, “the most unrecruiter-like recruiters.”

You can read more about us here.

The quick elevator pitch

We partner with some of Australia’s favourite tech companies – from large enterprises to product-based SaaS businesses in Brisbane and Australia to provide recruitment and talent acquisition services across both contract and permanent roles. We also work closely with candidates to find them a role they’ll love whether that’s as a Iteration Manager in the early stage of their career or a seasoned Scrum Master ready to sink their teeth into a new challenge.

Why choose Hunt & Co. as your recruitment partner?

Great technology requires great technical talent. This is where Hunt & Co. thrives. We are known in industry for specialising in digital talent, including roles in Project Delivery across a vast range of industries. We pride ourselves on being:

  • Passionate tech heads: Technology, languages and platforms are always changing and evolving. At Hunt & Co., we are driven to keep up to date with industry trends and technology so we can get the best outcome possible for our clients and candidates.
  • Career consultants: Hunt & Co.’s Recruitment Consultants are specialists in their space – you could even call them matchmakers. Their intimate understanding of the market combined with their specialised knowledge (and experience) with roles, means they are well-equipped to communicate and match employers and employees alike.
  • Hyper-connectors: Creating life-changing connections every day is what sparks joy for us! Our consultants are well-connected in the tech space and leverage these connections to match candidates with the best opportunities in market.
  • Industry obsessed: We are deeply embedded in Brisbane’s digital and tech scene. You’ll often see us hosting industry events, attending events or talking about the latest tech advancement and industry tidbit. We are passionate life-long learners and it is this growth mindset that our clients and candidates truly love.
  • Added peace of mind: We understand that hiring a new employee is a big investment. That’s why we offer a Guarantee Period on all of our permanent placements for added peace of mind.
  • More than a number: Our Recruitment Consultants are more than just recruiters – we’re here to be your personal career cheerleaders! We genuinely care about your success and take the time to get to know you and your unique story. We believe that finding the perfect job is about more than just matching skills and experience – it’s about finding the right fit for you as a person.

What does the digital recruitment process look like? 

This process looks a little different depending on whether you are looking for a new role or looking to build your team. To learn more about our digital recruitment process, click here.

Areas of Specialisation

At Hunt & Co., each of our digital recruitment consultants is laser-focused on sourcing specialised talent within their space. When it comes to agile delivery, our areas of specialisation include:

  • Iteration Manager
  • Scrum Master
  • Delivery Manager
  • Technical Project Manager
  • Agile Project Manager
  • Agile Delivery Lead

Have a different role you need to hire for that is not listed above? Get in touch with our team!

View our current opportunities here.

Recent Iteration Management & Project Delivery Placements

Here is a snapshot of recent placements at Hunt & Co.:

  • Delivery Manager
  • Iteration Manager
  • Junior Iteration Manager
  • Scrum Master
  • Senior Iteration Manager
  • Development Team Leader

Meet Your Iteration Manager Recruitment Team

Hunt & Co. | Meet Your Team | Digital Recruitment Consultants

The Hunt & Co. team is made up of skilled digital recruitment experts that are truly passionate about making life-changing connections.

The team has all come from different corners of the industry and it is that diversity of experience that provides such an impact for our candidates and clients.

You can learn more about our team here.

Don’t just take it from us…

Hear what some of our candidates and clients have to say about working with Hunt & Co.:

“They took the time to look beyond my previous titles to learn more about me – my skill set, what I was looking for / not looking for, my values and what drives me. This enabled her to recommend a role at a company that I may have previously overlooked.”

“Hunt & Co are the experts in sourcing high quality candidates. I’ve used Hunt & Co for several recruitments now and could not be happier with the outcome. They are an incredible team to work with. Highly recommend.”

“Working with Hunt & Co was an absolute pleasure. They were very kind to listen to me and what I was looking for and only connect me with suitable businesses. Also, they helped me prepare for each interview and made sure my needs were met during negotiation. I now have found a great new role for my next career path. Can’t recommend enough.”

Read our 100+ 5 Star Google Reviews.

Resources & Recommendations

If you’re interested in learning more about the industry or want to get more involved in the tech community, here are some of our top recommendations:





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