Life-Changing Connections with Product Designer, Alicia Law | A passionate product prodigy

Something that is very important to us at Hunt & Co. is sharing the career stories and journeys of the life-changing connections our team make every day. After all, no two career paths are ever the same. Welcome to another Hunt & Co.’s #LifeChangingConnections feature with Product Designer, Alicia Law.

Alicia Law is a Communications Graduate based in Brisbane who discovered a passion for the world of UX while studying at the University of Queensland. After gaining some professional experience as a Content Creator and Junior UX/UI Designer at an Australian insurance company, Alicia was ready for a scene change and looking for more opportunities for collaboration and mentorship in her next role. Hunt & Co. were here to assist!

In December, Alicia received a LinkedIn message from Hunt & Co. with an opportunity for a Junior Product Designer role at Transmax Pty Ltd, a transport solutions provider government-owned by the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads. Following Hunt & Co.’s internal screening process, Alicia was submitted to Transmax and interviewed less than a week later. Alicia then quickly progressed through a second stage interview and was offered the role within days!

Four months in, Alicia is loving her new role, enjoying the team culture and learning a lot from the supportive team at Transmax with the collaboration and mentorship she was seeking. We were thrilled to chat with Alicia about her experience with Hunt & Co. and career advice for early-in-career professionals interested in a career in UX/UI Design.

You can check out Alicia’s portfolio here.

Hi Alicia! Tell us, how did you end up working in this industry?

The UX/UI Design field was something that first caught my eye during my Communications Undergraduate at the University of Queensland. My first job saw me working in Marketing and this highlighted my love for creativity and this got me thinking… I quickly transitioned to a content creation position at Allianz Partners and had the opportunity to dip my toes in the world of UX/UI. I began working on exciting projects and after a few months, my title was revised to Junior UX/UI Designer.

I completed my Bachelor of Communication during this time and quickly realised I needed to upskill and formalise my experience within this industry. This led to me completing a 6-month boot camp with Academy Xi. It was here where I truly became exposed to the intricacies of the field whilst working on real-world client projects.

How did you end up in your current role?

One Friday afternoon I was closing out my workday and doing my routine LinkedIn scroll when a message from Hunt & Co. popped up. They had an exciting opportunity to become a Junior Product Designer at Transmax Pty Ltd. A few phone calls and two interviews later I found out I was the successful candidate and I was thrilled.

What is it about your current role that made you transition?

My last role saw me working largely on my own, I lacked the collaboration of fellow designers to bounce ideas off. Transmax has a large in-house design team, amazing mentorship, and professional development opportunities that attracted me to the position. The additional challenge of the complex problem space in which Transmax operates was intriguing and I knew I would learn a lot and grow as a designer.

How did you enjoy your experience overall working with Hunt & Co.?

I really loved working with Hunt & Co., they incredibly helpful and answered any questions I had about the role as well as guided me through the interview process. They also regularly checked in with me to see how I was going and feeling.

For those that are interested in getting into Product Designing, what is some career advice you might give?

I would highly recommend doing a bootcamp course in Product Design or UX/UI Design. They provide a great foundation to help you hit the ground running once you start working as a Product Designer. One of the most valuable takeaways from a course like this is the relationships you build with fellow students as well as the mentors you find along the way that guide you throughout your job search.

How did you find mentors in UX/UI and how do you maintain those relationships throughout your career so far?

In my experience, those already in the UX/UI field don’t gate keep. The UX/UI community has been incredibly welcoming with many Senior Designers giving back via mentorship and sharing educational resources online. Additionally, Academy Xi’s UX/UI Design Transform course links students up with a UX mentor – which I have been extremely fortunate to have over the past six months.

What is one tip or word of advice you would give to someone looking for a new role?

Now is as good a time as any to put yourself out there and find a career that sparks joy.

Final one! What is the best career advice you have ever received?

Everything you do at work is iterative. Don’t be afraid to give any task your best go, seek feedback, and improve.

Thanks so much to Alicia for chatting with us and sharing your advice. You can connect with Alicia Law on LinkedIn here.

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