Matthew Hunt
General Manager

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After an extensive 16 year career in project management, operations and sales, Matthew Hunt took the leap into recruitment agency land and started his new role as Growth Manager at Hunt & Co. in 2021. And we can’t imagine Hunt & Co. without him! Matthew has now transitioned to General Manager and mostly works behind the scenes to assist with the overall growth of the company including our team, business strategies and partners. Some of his key achievements so far include:

1. Team growth: When Matthew officially joined the Hunt & Co. team in January 2021, the team had 2 full-time team members. Now the team has 9 full-time team members and still growing.

2. Industry growth: Matthew’s real estate experience provides a deeper context and understanding of the nuisances of proptech products. This has enabled us to go beyond the ‘tech’ and deliver industry-specific insights within commercial and residential real estate to our proptech clients and has even had Matthew interviewed as an SME in this field. It has also meant we have expanded our reach in this area, bringing on two more exciting scale-up clients in the proptech space!

3. Professional growth: Being a small and growing business, we are still building our formalised professional development programs. With Matthew’s experience in established and franchised organisations, he’s been able to formalise and prioritise learning and development to help the team kick both their individual professional and personal goals!

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Fun facts about Matthew Hunt:

  • Matthew has had not one, not two but THREE knee reconstructions (that is more knee surgeries than he has knees!) You’d think he would have learned by now.
  • Matthew is one of FIVE siblings. Safe to say, he’s learned a thing or two about stakeholder negotiations around the family dinner table.
  • Matthew’s bread and butter is family-owned and operated business! He has worked with his extended family at Teys Australia, with his Mum at Harcourts and now his wife at Hunt & Co. – his key motivator is making life-changing connections and building something great with the people nearest and dearest to him!

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