Meet your team of digital talent consultants (and the support crew that makes it all happen!)

From a skilled negotiator working in outback Australia, to an award-winning sales consultant, to someone that managed a digital agency themselves; our team is made up of passionate experts that gain a sense of achievement from making life-changing connections. The team has all come from different corners of industry and it is that diversity of experience that provides such an impact for our candidates and clients.

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Holly Hunt (née Holly Tattersall) | Meet The Team | Brisbane's Digital Talent Consultants | Recruitment AgencyHolly Hunt (née Tattersall)
Founder & CEO

After 12 years in the industry becoming a thought leader and voice within the industry, including sitting on a number of boards and founding Women in Digital, Holly was growing increasingly frustrated with the quality of services and candidates that large recruitment agencies were providing.

As a passionate digital recruiter, career advisor, diversity advocate and entrepreneur, she knew that things could be done better. She wanted to carve out her own path in the world of recruitment, career and future-of-work and thus, Hunt & Co. was born. You can read our Founding Story here.

With a personal obsession for design and usability, she enjoys working with industry leaders to find their next step.

Fun facts About Holly:

  • Mum to young Olivia and little baby Elle (Hunt & Co. consultants in the making).
  • An outdoor enthusiast with a budding green thumb, you’ll find her hiking, buying homewares or visiting family most weekends.
  • Started the Women in Digital Awards national program in 2018.
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Matthew Hunt | Meet the team | Hunt & Co. | Brisbane’s digital talent consultantsMatthew Hunt
Chief of Stuff

After an extensive career in project management, operations and sales, Matthew Hunt took the leap into recruitment agency land where he worked as Hunt & Co.’s General Manager for nearly 3 years. Matthew has now transitioned to Chief of Stuff where he mostly works behind the scenes following his day-to-day core passion as a Real Estate Agent & Auctioneer. And we can’t imagine Hunt & Co. without him!

Fun facts About Matthew:

  • Matthew has had not one, not two but THREE knee reconstructions (that is more knee surgeries than he has knees!) You’d think he would have learned by now.
  • He is one of FIVE siblings. Safe to say, he’s learned a thing or two about stakeholder negotiations around the family dinner table.
  • Matthew’s bread and butter is family-owned and operated business! He has worked with his extended family at Teys Australia and with his Mum at Harcourts.

Walter Hunt | Meet the team | Hunt & Co. | Brisbane’s digital talent consultantsWalter Hunt
Head of Happiness & Pawsitivity

As Head of Happiness and Pawsitivity at Hunt & Co., Walter’s day-to-day is jam-packed! You will find Walter keeping the Hunt & Co. team morale sky high, improving the team’s health and fitness by playing tug of war and fetch, undertaking physical training to enable the exploration of future horizons and boosting overall team positivity with lots of cuddles!

Fun facts about Walter:

  • Puppy-school graduate Walter has now learnt how to sit, lay down, walk down the stairs and has *nearly* mastered the handshake!
  • Outside of work, Walter is busy exploring the world of Web3 and the opportunities that are available in the space.
  • When not at work you’ll find Walter spending time with his Mum and Dad, and of course his best friends at Hunt & Co!

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