Meet your team of digital talent consultants (and the support crew that makes it all happen!)

From a skilled negotiator working in outback Australia, to an award-winning sales consultant, to someone that managed a digital agency themselves; our team is made up of passionate experts that gain a sense of achievement from making life-changing connections. The team has all come from different corners of industry and it is that diversity of experience that provides such an impact for our candidates and clients.

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Holly Hunt (née Holly Tattersall) | Meet The Team | Brisbane's Digital Talent Consultants | Recruitment AgencyHolly Hunt (née Tattersall)
Founder & CEO

After 11 years in the industry becoming a thought leader and voice within the industry, including sitting on a number of boards and founding Women in Digital, Holly was growing increasingly frustrated with the quality of services and candidates that large recruitment agencies were providing.

As a passionate digital recruiter, career advisor, diversity advocate and entrepreneur, she knew that things could be done better. She wanted to carve out her own path in the world of recruitment, career and future-of-work and thus, Hunt & Co. was born. You can read our Founding Story here.

With a personal obsession for design and usability, she enjoys working with industry leaders to find their next step.

Fun facts About Holly:

  • A new mum to little baby Olivia (a Hunt & Co. consultant in the making).
  • An outdoor enthusiast with a budding green thumb, you’ll find her hiking, buying homewares or visiting family most weekends.
  • Currently pet-less but strongly advocating to adopt a large labradoodle.
  • Started the Women in Digital Awards national program in 2018.
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Carly Shearman | Meet The Team | Brisbane's Digital Talent Consultants | Recruitment AgencyCarly Shearman
Principal Consultant

Carly spent her early career managing cafes before completing her degree (Bachelor of Media and Communications, majoring in Entrepreneurship) and moving into the land of marketing agencies. From there, she worked her way up from Admin Assistant to General Manager, leading a team of 15 specialists, all before the age of 23. It was after walking into a Women in Digital event and making a life-changing connection with Holly that Carly transitioned from recruiting for the marketing agency’s internal needs to recruiting for clients.

From a young age, Carly realised she loved all things business. She geeks out over admin, operations and figuring out what makes businesses flow as their own independent eco-systems. She is also deeply passionate about helping businesses (and people) reach their goals and spends her days focussed on ensuring that her clients have the BEST humans in their business.

While Carly predominately works on our Technology and Product Desk, she has full depth of experience and knowledge across all areas from Digital Marketing, Sales to Leadership roles and enjoys working directly with clients to build their high-impact teams.

Recent Placements:

  • Cybersecurity Analyst
  • Front End Developer (React)
  • Senior Development Lead (Angular, .Net)
  • Full Stack Mobile & Web Developer (React, React Native, Node, AWS)
  • Development Team Lead
  • Technical Business Analyst
  • Lead Product Designer
  • Product Owner

Fun facts about Carly:

  • Avid coffee drinker, pizza enthusiast (pepperoni is life!) and alpaca lover.
  • Dreams of moving to the country (Tintenbar or Tweed Hinterland, preferably) #FarmLivingBy30and retiring with silkie chickens and an endless supply of pizza.
  • Proud cat Mum (yes, she’s that person that calls herself ‘Mum’ to pets) to Flossy, a temperamental feline.


0488 721 180

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Emily Conaghan
Senior Recruitment Consultant – Technology & Product

After a little over two years in internal recruitment and close to five in HR, Emily took the leap into agency life joining Hunt & Co. in 2021. Passionate about people, Emily is driven to find out what makes people tick and help them find their feet in the next step of their dream career. Her strong experience across both human resources and recruitment has gifted her the ability to sniff out start candidates who not only fit the bill from a technical perspective but also align culturally, which we all know is just as important.

Emily works on our Technology and Product Desk across Engineering; Data, AI & Machine Learning; Cloud & Infrastructure; Cybersecurity, Leadership and Product roles.

Recent Placements:

  • Web Developer (HTML, CSS, Javascript)
  • Data Scientist
  • Head of Product
  • Junior Product Manager

Fun facts about Emily :

  • An avid crafter, she would be genuinely lost without her glue gun.
  • In her spare time, she loves bike riding and exploring Brisbane.
  • She is a massive podcast fan and known as the ‘human-Shazam’


0403 726 487

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Benjamin Rogers | Meet The Team | Brisbane's Digital Talent Consultants | Recruitment AgencyBenjamin Rogers
Recruitment Consultant – Sales & Digital Marketing

With 16 years in industry, Ben started his career in the telecommunications sector when the Nokia 6110 Navigator & Motorola V3 (in pink of course) were King of the Hill and when if you accidentally jumped on the internet on your phone you nearly died of a heart attack due to data costs.

It was there Ben discovered his passion for helping individuals and businesses stay connected through the latest technology – whether it was helping businesses owners find the most effective way of communicating or helping parents choose the right first phone for their children.

Ben then pivoted into working for digital marketing agencies here in Brisbane. After working with countless businesses to develop digital marketing strategies for growth, it felt only right that the next step was to move into the Digital Marketing Desk at Hunt & Co. and continue to help businesses and candidates achieve their goals.

Recent Placements:

  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Marketing Project Manager
  • Marketing Automation Specialist
  • Business Development Manager
  • Facebook Ads Specialist

Fun facts about Benjamin:

  • Wakeboarding fanatic, Benjamin spends most weekends on the water at the cable park busting some sick moves.
  • When he has finished hurting himself wakeboarding, Benjamin can be found relaxing on the beach or off camping (always with a beer in hand).
  • Originally a Northern Rivers kid – growing up in Murwillumbah. His dad now breeds alpacas out in Inverell and yes, we think we need to do a team trip out there to see said baby alpacas!

0408 754 517
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Dimity Edwards
Recruitment Consultant – Digital Marketing & eCommerce

A former podcaster and business owner, Dimity has always had a passion for all things digital marketing, communications, eCommerce and personal development. Without even realising, she found her niche in making life-changing connections early in her career. Cue pivot into recruitment. After seeing the team in action, Dimity transitioned from marketing agency to recruitment agency to help other Digital Marketers and eCommerce Specialists find their dream roles.

Dimity is excited to connect business owners with incredible talent within the Brisbane and Sydney market across performance media, social media, account management, eCommerce, communications and more.

Recent Placements:

  • eCommerce Manager
  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Direct Marketing Specialist
  • Marketing Automation Specialist
  • eCommerce Specialist
  • Senior SEO Specialist

Fun facts about Dimity:

  • Lover of all things Mexican – give her all the tacos and margaritas!
  • Having visited 75+ countries, she might have a slight travel bug.
  • She loves anything spiritual – oracles, crystals, you name it.

0416 021 995
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Sarah CoatesSarah Coates
Recruitment Consultant – UX/UI

What does one do after years of building their knowledge in travel sales and the industry almost disappears? Dust herself off and try something new!

Following a long career in Travel, Music and Event Sales, a stint in Human Resources and onboarding helped steer Sarah’s focus to recruitment and eventually Hunt & Co. where she currently heads up the UX/UI Desk as a Recruitment Consultant.

Sarah is passionate about making life-changing connections and is excited to get to know the wonderful talent and businesses in Brisbane’s market.

Fun facts about Sarah:

  • She has 10+ years experience in Sales and Customer Service which is a testament to her love of helping people.
  • Her first job was as a sandwich artist, managing a Sunshine Coast store and driving around a little blue Suzuki swift covered in pictures of sandwiches. The dream!
  • Obsessed with Chilli Margs and Korean fried chicken (will settle for cauliflower).

0438 154 481
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Elise Le-Galloudec | Meet The Team | Brisbane's Digital Talent Consultants | Recruitment AgencyElise Le-Galloudec
Marketing & Admin Manager

Elise is the lifeblood to our Hunt & Co. Engine Room. Whatever we need done, she is there to lend a hand. A day in the life of Elise usually includes content creation, webinar editing, writing job ads, event planning, pipelining, EDM newsletter creation, blog writing, plus the occasional adventure to Apple or Officeworks for office supplies, and of course anything else the team needs to succeed!



Fun facts about Elise:

  • Former ballerina turned Queen of all things Marketing & Admin
  • Connoisseur of chocolate and a lover of pasta.
  • In her spare time, you’ll find Elise exploring Brisbane cafes, dancing, or completing a jigsaw puzzle at record speed. Proud cat Mum to Bella.
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Matthew Hunt | Meet The Team | Brisbane's Digital Talent Consultants | Recruitment AgencyMatthew Hunt
General Manager

With an extensive 16 year career in project management, operations and sales, Matthew intimately understands all avenues of business. He is passionate about innovation, culture and diversity – whether it be in agri-business, real estate or technology.

Matthew largely works behind the scenes to assist with the overall growth of Hunt & Co. including our team, business strategies and partners.


Fun facts about Matthew:

  • Started his career when he left home at just 16. He moved to the bush to work as a cattle buyer!
  • Loves anything outdoors – 4×4, boating, fishing, beaching, camping – you name it.
  • In his spare time, he loves embracing his former auctioneer days to call charity auctions!

0419 160 201
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