Unable to compete with big salary budgets? Struggling to think of perks to offer your team members beyond financial incentives? We are thrilled to share Non-Monetary Perks for Employees with you.

As recruiters, we speak to thousands of people across digital marketing, product, design, software development, cybersecurity and more – and resoundingly, candidates are seeking more than benefits that end up in their bank account. Candidates are looking for the perks that speak to their intrinsic motivators and desire to feel seen, heard and valued. Wondering what options are out there? We have you covered.

Inside you will find:

  • A comprehensive guide of 31 non-financial perks.
  • Helpful examples of how to integrate these non-monetary perks into your workplace.
  • Reasons why non-financial work perks are key to building your employer brand and attracting top talent.

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A great salary package isn’t always the way to a candidates’ heart

The Hunt & Co. Non-Monetary Perks for Employees has been produced to ensure you are up-to-date on current industry trends when it comes to offering non-financial incentives to your team members.

As an employer, this guide will help to ensure that your employer brand is remaining competitive in market.

As an employee, this can serve as a valuable resource for your next salary negotiation and also identify opportunities in your current role.

We hope you enjoy reading this guide as much as we enjoyed creating it for you – if we can be of any assistance in your new hire or career move, contact us today!

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