Elise Le-Galloudec Q&A

Q&A with our Content & Admin Coordinator, Elise Le-Galloudec

Elise Le-Galloudec is the new Content and Administrative Coordinator here at Hunt & Co. We sat down with our newest member for a Q&A so you can get to know her a little better.

Before we jump on, you can connect with Elise via LinkedIn or follow Hunt & Co. on Facebook and Instagram.


Welcome to the team! We are obviously so excited to have you on board. What were you doing before you joined us at Hunt & Co.?

Thank you, I am so excited to be here! I have been busy completing my fourth and FINAL year of my dual degree (woo!). But just before Covid-19 lockdown in Queensland, I was interning at a digital marketing agency as a Digital Marketing Intern!

How did you end up working at Hunt & Co.?

I actually saw the job description on LinkedIn one day and thought I would try my luck at applying. So I sent through my resume and attended an interview a few days later with the three lovely ladies of Hunt & Co. I was then sent through a mock copywriting task to test my writing skills and received the call soon after to offer me a part-time position as Content & Admin Coordinator!

What are you most excited about now that you are part of the DTCo. team?

Honestly, I am just excited to have secured a job in the midst of a pandemic. I know I am certainly one of the ‘lucky ones’. But I am also keen to learn as much as I can from the team here and hopefully thrive in my first legitimate marketing position.

Elise, we have obviously done a little introduction before this to say who you are, but in your own words….who is Elise?

I would describe myself as a go-getting, fun-loving, hard-working perfectionist. I love dancing, window shopping and eating copious amounts of gelato to satiate my sweet-tooth.

What are you currently watching?

For nostalgic purposes only (plus Covid-19 of course), I recently re-watched the entire Twilight saga movies.

What’s your most recommended resource to keep organised?

Definitely a diary. There’s something about writing in my diary and creating ‘to do’ lists that are is satisfying to me. I believe they are often more reliable than a digital calendar or phone reminder.

What is something that not many people know about you?

I am cross-dominant, also known as mixed-handed, meaning I use different sides of the body for different tasks. For example, I am one of the 10% that write with their left hand but I use scissors with my right hand. Some people find it rather peculiar!

You are originally a Cairns girl and moved down to Brisbane for university – what was the transition like?

I did! After graduating from high school, I had one of those stressful ‘I don’t know what to do with the rest of my life!’ moments. So I chose to have a gap year where I could spend 12 months working, thinking about my next move and essentially growing up more. Then I was ready to move and get back to study! It also helped that my partner came with me so I was not alone and we could explore Brisbane together.

You are studying a dual degree (Bachelor of Business | Bachelor of Creative Industries – Field of Study (Marketing | Media & Communications)) – what made you choose that combination?

Because I was still somewhat uncertain about my career path, I decided to select a dual degree that gave me maximum flexibility. A Bachelor of Business seemed like the perfect fit for that and the combination of Business and Creative Industries also provided me with the opportunity to access both the academic and creative sides of my personality.

What has been your biggest lesson from uni to date?

As boring and obvious as it might sound – organisation is key! It’s the best and only way to effectively juggle all the events in your life whether it be study, work, social events and also down-time. Without it, I find it difficult to stay on top of my life, including managing a work life balance – which I am still working on.

What advice do you have for students on securing their first internship?

Reach out! Yes, there are internships you can find on company websites and job seeking search engines but if you already have an idea about where you might want to work in the future, why not reach out to them directly? Not all intern positions are advertised.

What advice do you have for students on securing their first in-industry role?

Don’t give up! Opportunities are out there, you just have to look for them and be ready to accept a lot of no’s before you get a yes. Sometimes it’s also about offering your services as an intern first to show employers your enthusiasm and potential.

What is your ultimate career goal?

I’m still working on this one… but ultimately I hope that in 5 to 10 years I am in a role in the marketing industry that fulfils me both intellectually and creatively so that everyday I am excited about going to work – which is basically every adult’s dream at the end of the day. I also hope that I am surrounded by people that are equally passionate about the work they do and together, we can find innovative ways to conduct marketing activities and also give back to the community.

As a young professional, I am always keen to connect with others and expand my network. Come find me on LinkedIn and let’s connect!