Q&A with our Sales & Digital Marketing Account Manager, Benjamin Rogers

Benjamin Rogers is our newest Sales & Digital Marketing Account Manager here at Hunt & Co. and we are so excited to have him on board, bringing our team to a group of five! We sat down with Ben on his first day for a fun Q&A so you too can get to know him a little better!

But before we jump in, you can connect with Benjamin via LinkedIn or follow Hunt & Co. on Facebook and Instagram.

So here it is, our Q&A with Ben…

Welcome to the team! We are so thrilled to have you on board. So tell us, what were you doing before you joined us at Hunt & Co.?

Thanks for having me as a part of the team!

Prior to Hunt & Co., I was Marketing & Growth Manager (Fancy title for Business Development) @ Yes Digital.

How did you end up working at Hunt & Co.?

I had known most of the team at Hunt & Co. for some time and it just so happened that they were looking for someone to manage the relationships and recruitment of the Digital Marketing and Sales Desk. Timing aligned and I found myself making the switch.

What are you most excited about now that you are part of the DTCo. team?

Being able to help people find a job that they love and that they are genuinely excited to go to every day. As well as helping alleviate business owners’ stress of trying to find the right talent cultural fits.

Ben, we have obviously done a little introduction before this to say who you are, but in your own words… who is Ben?

This is an interesting question. I’ve never really been able to summarise who I am but here goes…

I’m someone who innately just likes to see everyone get along and have a good time. I love wakeboarding and cycling as well as being able to switch off and binge on Star Wars and Marvel movies.

I’m someone who loves to be outdoors, at the beach or camping being able to enjoy all that life has to offer.

What are you currently watching/reading/listening to?

Currently watching Bloodline and Super Store. Currently reading The Little Book of Common Sense Investing.

What’s your most recommended Business resource?

If you are wanting to know what people are searching for in your industry – AnswerThePublic is a great resource. Great for knowing what to target with your marketing efforts as well as content ideas.

What is something that not many people know about you?

I used to be a sponsored skateboarder back in my late teens.

What made you want to pursue a career in recruitment?

To be honest, I didn’t. I’ve never had a dream job or career. My goal was always to help people. From that, I have found myself gravitating to jobs that allow me to be hands-on in assisting businesses and individuals to grow and achieve their desired success.

After owning several sales-focused roles throughout your career, what steered you towards marketing?

I found after many years in Telecommunications the focus had shifted away from the client. This led me to look for opportunities where I could be even more hands-on in helping drive growth within businesses. I had met someone who was the owner of a boutique digital agency and he showed me the advantages of a well-curated marketing strategy. Immediately I was hooked and knew I had to be a part of that industry.

Now that you’re on the other side of the table, what excites you about marketing recruitment?

I’m most excited about being able to rub shoulders with some of Brisbane’s most passionate and skilled markers. As well as working alongside some of the most innovative businesses Brisbane has to offer.

What do you think are your biggest learnings / takeaways from your career in telecomms?

I’ve definitely learnt a few things over the years in Telco but the two that stand out the most have always been:

  • Always play the long game. Do right by your client and they will likely be a client for life.
  • Never assume you know what someone is looking for. There are always two versions of what someone wants. The version they tell you when they are determining they can trust you and the version they tell you when they know they can trust you.

What do you think you’ll be able to transfer from your previous roles into your new career as an Account Manager (Sales & Marketing) at Hunt & Co.?

Having worked in full-service agencies, I’m confident that within my skill sets I’ll be able to bring a practical and sales knowledge of marketing, allowing me to find the best talent and identify what businesses are actually needing in terms of staffing.

Coming into the new year (and a post-COVID world), what trends are you expecting to see in your space?

I’m expecting to see a much great emphasis on digital marketing as well as seeing a much more hyper-personalised approach to engaging with online audiences.

What advice do you have for job hunters seeking a new role in the new year?

Ensure that you have updated your LinkedIn to include all past roles and job actions. And share your key achievements from those roles – quantifying success always!

Make sure that you have made it clear on your LinkedIn that you are open to opportunities and are currently seeking a new job.

Always be open to any conversation even if it doesn’t seem like an opportunity at the start. You never know where a conversation can lead.

What technology development is most exciting to you at the moment?

Personally, I find VR to be the most exciting technology development. VR has moved beyond the realms of gaming and is now offering learning and development within the workspace and promoting Health and Safety in certain roles.

Finally, what are some of your favourite things to do around Brisbane when not at work?

I’d definitely have to say I love to cycle around Brisbane. I am of the opinion Brisbane offers some of the best cycleways that allow you to see Brisbane in a whole new way that you just can’t get from a car dealing with traffic.

If you are looking to grow your team in 2021 or ready for a new role in your career, give Ben a call on 0408 754 517 or shoot across an email to benjamin@huntandco.io.

Be sure to also connect with Ben on LinkedIn to stay up to date with job opportunities and insights into the Brisbane marketing market!

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