Welcome to Hunt & Co. – Brisbane’s top team of Digital and IT Recruitment Consultants who care about creating a meaningful, long-term impact in the industry. We are a group of experienced and dedicated professionals who specialise in providing top-notch recruitment services across Technology, Product, Design, Digital Marketing, Growth, Infrastructure & Cybersecurity. With a deep understanding of the local job market in Brisbane, our aim is to help our clients find the best talent for their open positions, while also assisting job seekers in securing their dream jobs. Whether you are a business looking to fill a vacancy or a job seeker looking for your next career move, Hunt & Co. is here to help.

About Hunt & Co.

We are Hunt & Co. – a Brisbane-based boutique recruitment agency run by business and digital specialists driven by our purpose to create life-changing connections with businesses and people in the digital space.

We are, as one of our clients put it, “the most unrecruiter-like recruiters.”

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The quick elevator pitch

Our team of Recruitment Consultants partner with some of the top tech companies – from large enterprises to Product based SaaS businesses in Brisbane and Australia to provide recruitment and talent acquisition services across both contract and permanent roles. As Recruitment Consultants, we also work closely with candidates to find their next dream role.

If you have landed on this page, you are probably most interested in the following top questions:

  • What does a Recruitment Consultant do?
  • Why should I choose to partner with Hunt & Co. Recruitment Consultants?
  • What would it be like to work at Hunt & Co.?

So let us take this moment to answer them for you…

What is a Recruitment Consultant?

Simply put, a Recruitment Consultant is someone who works with businesses to determine their hiring needs and then, using a range of recruitment tactics, looks for people that can meet those needs. At Hunt & Co. we specialise in Digital and IT recruitment and pride ourselves on knowing this sector unlike any other.

Recruitment Consultants are constantly on the lookout for opportunities for our candidates to help them find their next dream role. At Hunt & Co. we get to know your skills, experience, and career goals and then use our vast network and industry knowledge to match you with the right employer. Essentially, we’re your personal matchmakers for your career or company. Or if that analogy isn’t for you, you could say a recruiter is like a talent scout for a sports team. Just like a scout looks for the best players, we look for the best candidates to join your team. It’s like building a championship team, but for the business world.

Learn more about what a Recruitment Consultant does here.

Why choose Hunt & Co. Recruitment Consultants?

When you partner with Hunt & Co., you can feel good knowing you are in a trusted pair of hands working with Recruitment Consultants that have your best interest at heart. Here are some of the reasons companies and candidates across Brisbane (and Australia) choose to partner with us:

  • Career specialists: Hunt & Co.’s Recruitment Consultants are niche specialists in their space – combining their specialised knowledge (and experience) to find the perfect match for employers and employees alike. That means we can really ‘talk the talk’ with our candidates and clients.
  • Networkers first: Many recruitment companies come and go, but Hunt & Co. has been a stable presence in the Brisbane market for many years. Our combined experience in the industry and time invested getting to know the talented Digital & IT humans of Brisbane have allowed us to build a wide network of top employers and top digital talent.
  • Industry obsessed: We are deeply embedded in Brisbane’s digital and tech scene. You’ll often see us hosting industry events and attending events when we aren’t busy making life-changing connections in the office. Barely a day goes by when someone in our team hasn’t made a pitch to listen to a new podcast they found or try out a new technology tool. This growth mindset and ability to share insights is something our clients truly love.
  • Market-focused: Our Recruitment Consultants are all Brisbane-based and intimately understand the market. You could say we know Brisbane like the back of our hand. Not based in Brisbane? That’s okay. Working with some of the most progressive employers, most of our clients offer remote or hybrid workplaces enabling their team to work from anywhere. We’ve also successfully recruited roles across the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Sydney and Melbourne, and continue to expand our networks in these areas.
  • More than a number: Our Recruitment Consultants are not just recruiters’, we’re your career cheerleaders. We’re also just good humans. We love getting to know your story and becoming part of the journey, celebrating the impact we’ve had on our clients and candidates.
  • Human approach: We’re passionate about people and truly care about finding the right fit for both employers and employees. Simply put, your success is our success. For us, that also means measuring success on our long-term partnerships.
  • Diversity of our network: As a team we are deeply embedded with a number of D&I community groups such as Women in Digital, She Codes and host female IT graduates in our office to provide valuable work experience – bolstering our network of diversity.
  • Added peace of mind: We offer a Guarantee Period on all of our permanent placements for added peace of mind.

Hunt & Co. and our team of Recruitment Consultants are your go-to choice for finding your dream job or next star employee. We’re passionate, knowledgeable and downright committed to your success. If you’re ready to make magic happen together, get in touch! Fill out the contact form below or send us an email at hi@huntandco.io.

Areas of Specialisation

At Hunt & Co., we recruit a vast number of roles across Digital & Technology. Each of our digital Recruitment Consultants are laser-focused on sourcing specialised talent within their space. Our areas of specialisation include:

  •  Technology:
    • Technology Leadership (e.g. Head of Engineering / Chief Technology Officer)
    • Digital Developer
    • Software Engineer
    • QA Engineer and Testing
    • Data Analyst, Engineer and Scientist
    • Scrum Masters and Delivery Managers
    • Technical Business Analysts
  • IT & Cybersecurity
    • Cybersecurity Management
    • Cybersecurity Governance, Risk & Compliance
    • Cybersecurity Analyst
    • IT Support
    • Systems Administrator
    • Systems Analyst
    • Network Administrator
    • Network Engineer
  • Cloud & Infrastructure
    • DevOps Engineer
    • Cloud Engineer
    • Solution Architect
  • Product
    • Product Leadership (e.g. Head of Product / Chief Product Officer)
    • Product Owner
    • Product Manager
  • Design
    • Design Leadership (e.g. Head of Design / Product Design Lead)
    • Graphic Designer
    • UX/UI Designer
    • UX Designer
    • UX Researcher
    • UI Designer
    • Product Designer
  • Digital Marketing & Growth
    • Marketing Leadership (e.g. Head of Marketing / Chief Marketing Officer)
    • Growth Marketer
    • Product Manager
    • Social Ads / Social Media Specialist
    • Performance Marketing Specialist
    • Email Marketing Specialist
    • SEO Specialist
    • CRM Specialist
    • Copywriter
  • Customer Success
    • Customer Success Manager
    • Customer Support

View our current opportunities here.

Case Studies & Life-Changing Connections

Hunt & Co. are proud to specialise in a diverse range of digital talent. So something that is very important to us is sharing the life-changing connections our team make every day whether it be a business or candidate success story.

Here are a few highlights:

Find more Case Studies here.

Other Recent Placements by our Recruitment Consultants

Here is a snippet of digital recruitment placements at Hunt & Co. across Technology, Product, Design, Digital Marketing and Growth:


  • Full Stack Developer
  • Lead Developer
  • Software Engineer
  • QA Engineer
  • QA Analyst
  • Delivery Lead
  • Technical Project Manager
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Java Developer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Test Automation Engineer


  • Head of Product
  • Senior Product Manager
  • Product Owner
  • Product Analyst
  • Product Manager


  • UX Lead
  • Digital Designer
  • Digital & Product Designer
  • Web Designer
  • Product Designer

Digital Marketing & Growth:

  • Head of Growth
  • Content Executive
  • BDM / Account Manager
  • Account Manager – Social Media
  • Digital Marketing Consultant
  • Account Manager – Brand Strategy and Marketing
  • Senior Growth Marketing Specialist

Meet Your TeamHunt & Co. | Meet Your Team | Digital Recruitment Consultants

The Hunt & Co. team in Brisbane consists of experienced Recruitment Consultants who are dedicated to facilitating meaningful connections. Comprised of professionals from various backgrounds within the field, we leverage our diverse expertise to benefit both job seekers and clients.

You can learn more about our team here.

Don’t just take it from us…

Hear what some of our candidates and clients have to say about working with Hunt & Co.:

I would recommend reaching out to the Hunt & Co. team if you’re looking for your next move! They are superstars!

“Great recruiter to work with, reached out unobtrusively with a few roles, didn’t push ones I didn’t want and the one I did want kept in constant but not annoying contact offering any help through the interview process.”

“The level of service I received as a candidate was higher than any other recruiter I have used in the past. I would thoroughly recommend Hunt & Co.”

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Resources & Recommendations

If you’re interested in learning more about the industry or want to get more involved in the digital community, here are some of our top recommendations:




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