Zak Hadfield
Recruitment Consultant – Technology

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Zak has a very impressive tech background! Kicking off his career in technology back in 2014 as an IT Administrator, Zak continued to build his expertise working in tech support, account management and business development before moving into recruitment. In his previous role, Zak worked various tech roles in government and not-for-profit organisations. This developed his passion for helping find out what others are passionate about and encouraging them to pursue those passions. Now, he finds himself here at Hunt & Co., making some life-changing connections!

A nerd at heart, Zak loves talking about technology, the world and the people in it! In his day-to-day role as Recruitment Consultant on the Technology Desk at Hunt & Co., Zak works across Cybersecurity, Data Engineering, DevSecOps and Solutions Architecture roles!

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Fun facts about Zak Hadfield:

  • He can do a solid David Attenborough impression️ (this one we can’t wait to hear)
  • He has Cert IV in Music, mainly so that he could teach guitar, which he did for a couple of years!️
  • In his spare time, Zak is often performing or attending local comedy shows. He also runs shows where he books other comedians!

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