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Something that is very important to us at Hunt & Co. is sharing the career stories and journeys of the life-changing connections our team make every day. After all, no two career paths are ever the same. Welcome to another Hunt & Co.’s #LifeChangingConnections feature with Marketing Manager, Jessica Diflo

Jessica Diflo is a Senior Marketer with nine years’ B2B marketing experience in both SaaS and event management. She has a deep understanding of how to produce effective communication strategies based on consumer persona and purchasing behaviours, and Hunt & Co. were thrilled to help her with this exciting move!

When Jessica originally engaged Hunt & Co., she wasn’t applying for a particular role but was interested to explore opportunities that would fit her skill set and take her to new heights in her career. She had been in her previous role for five years and played a large role in their marketing evolution but Jessica was looking for an opportunity to break out and take the next step in her career.

Not only was it a genuine pleasure to work with Jessica, but it was also a professional challenge to think outside the box and see how Jessica’s skills were transferable to new roles. It was also important to understand how her next role would progress over the following five years whilst also ticking her career growth goals. Fortunately, we knew just the place – Codafication, a self-funded globally-awarded digital services and software company pioneering new ways to make the world simpler.

Although different to the type of opportunity Jessica originally envisioned, it ticked a lot of boxes in what she needed. Further discussions with Hunt & Co. confirmed this could be a perfect match and, like any great match, Codafication felt the same way. From her initial meeting with us to a signed contract on her desk, the process took eight weeks.

We were thrilled to chat with Jessica about her experience with Hunt & Co., her career in digital marketing and professional development advice for others looking to get into a B2B SaaS marketing role. This is a must-read for marketing professionals who want to carve out an intentional and well-defined career in B2B SaaS marketing.

How did you end up working in marketing? And more specifically, B2B SaaS marketing?

I moved to London in 2014 and started working for a global exhibitions firm, UBM EMEA (now known as Informa). I jumped in feet first, leaning into my communications background and serving the team as Marketing Assistant.

I loved large scale B2B event marketing, but when I returned home to Australia, the event landscape just wasn’t the same here. That’s when I decided to pivot and move into the SaaS space as the first marketing hire for Genie Solutions, Australia’s leading practice management software provider.

Tell us, how did you end up in your current role?

Benjamin Rogers and I connected towards the end of last year, and he suggested the role of Marketing Manager at Codafication. I was hesitant at first because it was a different kind of opportunity to the one I’d envisioned as my role – but I can’t thank him enough for challenging my perception of what that next step could look like. I’m now seven weeks into my new role and loving every minute at Codafication.

What would you say to other marketers that are considering making a move? When did you know it was ‘time’ to move on from your previous role?

For me, it was just organically time to take the next step. I’d been in my last position for five years and had learnt and grown so much as a professional. But I knew that in order to keep growing, I’d need to open myself up to a new set of challenges. It was really important to me that the experience I’d gained was interchangeable across different organisations and industries, rather than just specific to one organisation.

How did you enjoy your experience overall working with Hunt & Co.?

Completely and utterly refreshing. From day one, I had complete faith that Benjamin took my next career move as seriously as I did, and that was really comforting as I navigated the fear of the unknown. He had a fantastic way of listening to my aspirations for an organisation and role, but also made sure I was keeping an open mind to what that role might look like. I’m really grateful for his hard work and dedication.

What is the best career advice you have ever received?

Always go with the choice that scares you most, because that’s the one that is going to help you grow. I attribute some of the most rewarding experiences in my career to the opportunities that really took me out of my comfort zone.

What is one tip or word of advice you would give to someone looking for a new role?

Form some ideas about what your ideal role and employer looks like, bringing across aspects that you love from your current position – but don’t close yourself off to opportunities that don’t look identical. While it’s great to know what you want, there’s also a big world out there, and success these days looks different to what we’ve been told traditionally. Keep an open mind as to how you might define success for yourself and your career.

What is one thing you wish everyone knew about your role?

That managing the brand of an organisation is just as much of a focus internally as it is externally. Driving a consistent and compelling brand story starts from the inside out, and it’s important for every member of an organisation to be aligned and engaged in that story.

For those looking to get into a B2B SaaS marketing role, what is the best professional development tip you have to share?

Only doing the job that is outlined in your position description probably won’t expand your skillset. Capitalise on new marketing channels and concepts and test whether they’re a fit for your organisation (a lot of times, you come across these not as a marketer, but as a consumer).

What’s next for Jessica Diflo?

Finding my feet with the incredible team at Codafication, adding to their vision of pioneering new ways to make the world simpler.

Thanks so much to Jessica Diflo for chatting with us and sharing your advice. Want to see what Jessica gets up to in her role? Connect with Jessica Diflo on LinkedIn

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