12 Days of Recruitment: Top Tips for Job Hunters & Employers

Welcome to the silly season! Projects are winding down, client gifts are stacking up and everyone is thinking about what’s in store for the New Year just around the corner. And let us tell you, the job market is showing absolutely no signs of slowing down. If you’re ready to make moves or looking to lock in a few superstars to join your team, you’re in luck. We have pooled together 12 top tips from the Hunt & Co. team to set job hunters and employers up for success over the festive season.

Without further ado, here are our 12 Days of Recruitment: Tops Tips for Job Hunters & Employers…

Day 1 | Attend seasonal events

Who doesn’t love an end of year celebration?! We recommend taking advantage of the party season to attend as many seasonal networking events as you can this month. From classic company Christmas parties to out-of-office cocktail celebrations, there are so many opportunities to mingle, have a good time, make some new friends and perhaps even find some potential leads to follow up in the New Year. 

Day 2 | Be proactive

If you’re a job hunter or hiring manager waiting until January to start your search… don’t! Now is not the time to twiddle your thumbs counting down to January 1st to find your next job/hire. The market is hot hot hot and opportunities are being snapped up left right and centre. If you’re ready to make moves now, be proactive in your approach to get ahead of the pack. The majority of people start looking for new careers in the New Year – so avoid the competition and get on top of your search before the holiday period begins!

Alternatively, if you’re not quite ready to commit to the search but interested in what the market has to offer then we recommend at least dipping your toes, assessing the market and making sure you’re in the best position possible come next year.

Day 3 | Be quick with your communication and hiring over the holiday break

This one’s for the hiring managers out there! Chances are candidates interviewing for you are also interviewing elsewhere. If you are slack on your comms, you risk missing a superstar! Not to mention, most candidates are looking to go on leave to travel and see family at the end of the year. Imagine how much your Future Self will thank you if you go the extra mile now to lock in a new team member (or job)? You’ll head into the New Year having already ticked a very important ‘to do’ off your list!

On that note, it is so important to be transparent and honest about your communication levels at this time of year. If you’re intending to have a ‘hot no-email summer’ and go offline, be sure to create a clear out-of-office message and let any candidates in the pipeline (and your recruitment partner) know.

Day 4 | Keep up the good work

2021 might be coming to a close but that doesn’t mean you should pump the breaks. Keep going! Take advantage of the quiet month to finish the year strong and set yourself up for a great New Year. While the temptation is high to put things off until next year, many companies are making hires right up until Christmas and even through the holidays. So keep up the good work and keep your momentum going. You never know what opportunities might arise.

Day 5 | Spruce up your LinkedIn

If you have some downtime over the holiday period, perhaps it’s time to take a look at your resume and LinkedIn profile. Giving both a big overhaul will make the world of difference when you hit the job market. This tip goes for both candidates and employers – yes, candidates look at your profile too!

BONUS TIP: Recruiters and companies are pouring over a lot of resumes right now. Have your top achievements listed loud and clear on your resume / LinkedIn profile (and in order) to help you stand out amongst the crowd.

Might we suggest taking a look at our blog post on How to make your LinkedIn POP? by Holly Hunt. It’s an oldie but a goodie!

Day 6 | Talk to your favourite recruiter

Looking for a job? Ready to make a new hire? Just need some advice? Talk to your favourite recruiter (might we suggest Hunt and Co.) before Christmas. We can give you a head start on what’s happening in industry in terms of market trends, industry salaries and you may even get a sneak peek at some exciting roles coming up in the New Year.

Day 7 | Keep your friends close and your network closer

This is the perfect time of year to take a more gentle approach and reach out to contacts in your database to keep your name front-of-mind for opportunities. Want to make a real impact? Never underestimate the effectiveness of a handwritten holiday card. 

Day 8 | Pick up the phone and call

Hiring managers and recruiters get bogged down with emails sometimes, especially around this time of year. So never feel afraid to pick up the phone to give them a buzz. For candidates, this will show that you have some hustle about you and are genuinely keen about applying for a specific role rather than sitting in PJs clicking ‘Easy Apply’ on 45 jobs on LinkedIn. For companies interested in hiring, we’d love to chat about how we can assist you in your unicorn hunt. Here’s our contact details.

Day 9 | Reflect, reset, prepare

This goes without saying but December / January is one of the best times to recruit talent. But do not, we repeat, do NOT panic hire. Take a deep breath and use this time wisely to reflect on your recent hires and review current processes. Consider the following:

  • Have you got the go-ahead from decision-makers?
  • Are job ads written, compelling and comprehensive?
  • Are there any bottlenecks to your process?
  • Which tools/ job boards/ channels are working or not working?
  • Can you automate this process?
  • If you’re using a recruitment agency, are they right for you? We hear the team at Hunt & Co. do great work… 😉

Our Building Your Employer Brand resource is also a handy guide.

For candidates, use your downtime to do some introspection and design a vision board of the perfect role for you. Having a clear understanding of what you do (and don’t) want to be doing on a daily basis in your next role will set you up for success in finding a great fit for you.

Day 10 | Thanksgiving: Recruitment edition

Don’t forget to give thanks to all the incredible people in your network. Sometimes in the haze of Christmas parties, performance reviews and job searches, we forget to be express gratitude to those we are grateful for. It could be a coworker, mentor or your team in general. A genuine thank you can go a long way in making someone’s day or even year!

Day 11 | If possible, interview in person

In this day and age, it’s easy to use Zoom or Google Meets as the easier option of conducting interviews. As a candidate, if you CAN do an in-person interview and really want the opportunity – this will show that you are willing to go above and beyond to get the role. On the other side of the table, an in-person interview gives candidates an opportunity to get a feel for the office and team.

Day 12 | R&R please!

Ready to wind down for the year? Don’t forget to switch off and take the time to truly sit back and relax.

Unwind, refocus, set clear specific goals for the New Year both personal and professional and come back next year recharged and ready for an unforgettable year!

Looking for a new job opportunity or seeking new team members, we’re here to help! Get in touch at hi@huntandco.io or visit our Current Opportunities here.

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