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Employee offboarding checklist for Hiring Managers

Resigning from a role or receiving a resignation is rarely an enjoyable experience. Regardless of what side of the table you are on, everyone wants to move through the process with professionalism and integrity. Recently, we wrote a recruiter’s guide to resigning with ease and avoid burning bridges. You can read it here. But hiring managers, never fear! We haven’t forgotten about you! Today, we want to share with you an Employee Offboarding Checklist so you have one less thing to worry about!

Do you have your offboarding checklist set up and ready to go?

Your offboarding process is arguably as important as your onboarding process – just for different reasons. Keeping the professional relationship positive once a team member resigns will ensure that you have past employees acting as brand ambassadors for you and your company in market.

Make sure you have a formalised exit checklist to ensure the process is quick, easy and professional from your end. Here is a quick list to get you started:

Exit Checklist

  • Perform an exit survey or interview to gain feedback on that employees’ experience
  • Priority lock-out list i.e. databases, contacts, and security information. Don’t leave this to guesswork!
  • Recover company assets i.e. laptops, office keys, WFH equipment
  • Provide clear handover requirements
  • Where appropriate, provide letters of reference and exiting documentation
  • Communicate this employee’s departure to the team
  • Process their final pay
  • Celebrate the employee out the door! There is always a possibility that former team members will ‘boomerang’ back to the business so it’s crucial to empower your team to leave with integrity. The way you conduct yourself as a leader during these times can have a powerful (and memorable) effect on your culture
  • Consider the chances of this person leaving and having others follow. It’s worth checking in with other team members to ensure you can plan accordingly
  • Review your replacement/hiring plan and get in touch with your recruitment partner! We can help with contract and permanent hiring support across technology, product, design, digital marketing, project management and leadership roles

Want to continue the discussion? Whether you are thinking of resigning, want to chat more about your hiring plan or need more talent for your team, we’re here to help! Reach out to the Hunt & Co. team today.

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