Our Survival Guide to Job Hunting in a Pandemic

Are you currently on the lookout for work? Or maybe you are just tired of applying for jobs without success? We hear you! Job hunting is a tough gig, especially in 2020 when our world has been turned upside down. Finding ways to stand out from the crowd is absolutely crucial. But we are here to help!

This week we went behind the scenes of recruitment at our ‘Job Hunting in a Pandemic’ event to get the inside scoop from Internal Talent Acquisition Consultant Taylah Brown, Carly Shearman and recent job seeker, Sean Bernard.







So whether you’re a University grad or 20-year seasoned pro, here are our 10 top takeaways to help you conquer your next job-hunting experience:

1. Understand the needs of the business

It may be tempting to flood the job market with resumes, but make sure you understand the business that you’re applying for. That way you can speak directly to their needs and how you fill those needs. If you are going through a recruiter, it may also be helpful to put yourself in their shoes and consider how you can help them sell you to the business.

2. Timing is everything!

Often landing a job is about being in the right place at the right time. So don’t take it personally if you’re pipped by an early application for a job. The best thing you can do is be resilient and prepared for when your time comes (because it will!).

3. Front-load information in your resume/portfolio

Did you know that you only have 2.7 seconds to grab someone’s attention? Recruiters are bombarded daily with hundreds of resumes, so by front-loading your resume and portfolio with eye catching highlights and achievements you’ll be more likely to cut through and be considered for a role.

4. Don’t underestimate visual presentation basics

A well-designed CV/portfolio is your opportunity to make the best first impression possible. Whether it’s corporate and professional or colourful and creative, a visually effective resume will help you stand out every time.

5. Build relationships with people in the industry

Networking, networking, networking. Did we mention networking? Building professional relationships with allies in your industry are key to being memorable and increases the likelihood of being referred to a hiring manager.

6. Don’t be afraid to approach people with ‘big’ titles and names

Don’t underestimate the saying ‘your network is your net worth!’. Connect with people who are in the roles you are aspiring to ask them about how they got there. It’s as simple as connecting with them on LinkedIn and offering to buy them a coffee. We’re all human after all!

7. Build healthy habits on LinkedIn

We can’t stress this enough! Whether you are currently job hunting or in a secure position in your career, personal branding is  should never be undervalued. Consider it an inbound marketing technique!

8. Your special sauce is your difference, so lean into it!

At the end of the day, there’s no point pretending to be someone else. Instead of trying to fit in, own who you are! We’ve worked with a number of candidates who were trying to hide unique aspects of their experience. When they embraced those features they stood out and were instantly more memorable and valuable to prospective employers.

9. Remember, no one is ever 100% perfect for a role

Before you write off a role and settle for something less exciting, consider this: although it seems logical to only chase positions you are fully qualified for, this mindset can be limiting. Employers often want candidates that are hungry to succeed and are challenged and engaged in their role. So if you tick at least 60% of the criteria and are excited by the opportunity, we definitely encourage you to throw your hat in the ring!

10. Look after yourself and don’t let job searching consumer you

Job hunting can turn into a full-time job if you let it! Take the time to focus on skill development, family, friends and any personal passions that make you happy. You are more than your job after all.

At Hunt & Co. we are passionate about finding you the best opportunities and supporting you through your job search needs. Are you currently a job seeker or looking for an exciting new job change? Check some of our current opportunities here.

Happy job hunting!

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