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Q&A with Next World Enterprises: The Future of VR

It is evident that virtual technologies including Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) no longer belong to science fiction. They are well integrated into our present and certainly, our future of work… especially for commercial and industrial industries.

We don’t need to tell you that in the construction industry – training isn’t always practical or safe. With 11% of all workplace deaths related to falls from heights and the leading cause of confined space entry fatalities is inadequate training, VR offers a safe and controlled training ground for individuals to get the training they need to save lives.

We were thrilled to sit down with the Founder and CEO at Next World Enterprises, Michael O’Reilly about the impressive growth of enterprise VR, VR in a COVID-19 world and the exciting future of these technologies for building the next world of safety, training and inductions.

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Prefer to read? Here’s the key takeaways: 

  • Now is the perfect and relevant time for VR because technology software, the hardware and the Cogntive Neuroscience of human behaviour and learning are all coming together.
  • VR is yielding new value and creating opportunities for people to get maximum benefit out of their learning that wasn’t possible in the past.
  • Enterprise VR is possible in every workplace these days – it’s affordable, the hardware is available and businesses are seeing opportunities that weren’t there before.
  • Enterprise VR is identifying areas that can be removed from the workplace which are not as competitive as VR such as e-Learning and onboarding of employees.
  • VR induction is amazing because it is engaging, realistic and dynamic, adding value that looking at a chart or a Powerpoint just can’t!
  • Next World uses 3D photogrammetry with overlays of animations – known as the Minecraft of learning.
  • There are still barriers to this technology but like any early adopter, these barriers also represent opportunities.
  • VR developers have so many opportunities available to them –  if you are a developer in the software space with a love of VR, the sky’s the limit, especially at Next World!
  • With Covid-19, there is an opportunity for companies to really experiment with VR technology since traditional training is not available right now.
  • Applications for VR are immense! From training people in high-risk occupations, empathy building, experiencing surgery, sporting tactics and strategies, VR can apply to every industry.
  • An exciting development at Next World is hazard identification using eye-tracking technology. This is something that is not offered with any other learning technologies and can help save people’s lives in high-risk workplaces.
  • The single biggest opportunity that VR presents for workplace engagement and safety training is being able to predict who is more likely to have an incident in the workplace by virtue of their experience of VR. By looking at someone’s ability to identify hazards, this data can be used to create some form of predictive analysis.
  • As more software developers onboard, software applications, AI, machine learning and other innovative technologies will eventually outstrip traditional methods of learning and ultimately drive down the cost of learning.
  • All in all, VR is the future of learning! 

Clearly, Next World are doing incredible things and making real-world, new value differences! If you’re a marketer or a business developer and looking for a new experience or career change, Next World might be the opportunity you have been looking for.


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