Reflecting on My Talent Acquisition Internship Journey at Hunt & Co. by Khushi Jain

Greetings, dear readers! Welcome to my reflection blog on my Talent Acquisition Internship at Hunt & Co. My name is Khushi Jain, and I am on the verge of completing my Software Engineering (Honours) degree at the University of Queensland. Connect with me on LinkedIn here. It has been an incredible privilege to serve as a Talent Acquisition Intern at Hunt & Co, and as my internship journey comes to a close, I find myself reminiscing about the whirlwind of experiences and learnings that have transformed my understanding of the dynamic intersection between technology and recruitment. This journey has not only equipped me with tangible skills but has also instilled within me a deep curiosity, a commitment to forging enduring connections, and an unshakable belief in individual potential. The invaluable skills I’ve acquired during this internship have left an indelible mark on my professional trajectory. Every opportunity is a door to new knowledge, and my internship at Hunt & Co. swung that door wide open. Join me as I share the transformative tale of my journey through the corridors where technology and talent intertwine. 

Learning is the compass, opportunity is the map, and experience is the journey that unfolds our true potential. Embracing new challenges led to remarkable experiences, each holding a lesson that added to the tapestry of my journey.

Why Hunt & Co?

My admiration for Hunt & Co. has been longstanding, and I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Holly Hunt – CEO and Founder of Hunt & Co. at several UQLIT (UQ Ladies in Technology) events, which are proudly supported by Hunt & Co.

This organisation stands out as more than just a recruitment agency; it embodies a fusion of professionalism and warmth, where individual success is interwoven with the organisation’s collective achievements. What sets Hunt & Co. apart is their commitment to nurturing relationships with both clients and candidates. My internship has exposed me to the depth of this commitment – how a simple connection today can blossom into a flourishing partnership tomorrow. And not to forget our furry pawfessional, Walter, who injects a dose of joy into our workspace. This culture resonates with my belief that work should harmonise purpose and enjoyment.

Entering the world of Hunt & Co.

I’m thankful for the opportunity of being an intern at Hunt & Co as from my very first step into the office, I sensed that I was about to embark on a unique journey. While I anticipated learning about recruitment, I was pleasantly surprised by how intricately it intersects with the world of technology. Observing the synergy between identifying the right candidates and aligning their values with a company’s ethos was an eye-opener. Concepts such as sourcing, headhunting, and 360-degree recruitment took on new dimensions as I immersed myself in the art of connecting individuals and organisations in the dynamic tech landscape. Sourcing and headhunting revealed a nuanced approach to candidate selection, moving beyond mere qualifications. Understanding 360-degree recruitment emphasised the significance of holistic matches where values, aspirations, and goals seamlessly intertwine.

Embracing daily activities

Imagine beginning the day with lively morning stand-ups, where the team shares business updates, key achievements from the previous day and their needle moving activity of the day. These vibrant sessions set the tone for a day enriched by insightful learning experiences. My daily activities at Hunt & Co. comprised a blend of structured learning and hands-on involvement. Engaging in discussions about the tech landscape, dissecting successful recruitment strategies, and grasping the intricacies of meaningful connections expanded my horizons. Each day brought new knowledge that shifted my perspective. These sessions were not just theoretical; they provided windows into real-world dynamics. I came to recognise the pivotal roles of collaboration and communication in a dynamic work environment.

Life-long lessons

Curiosity is the engine of achievement,” as Ken Robinson aptly stated.

My time at Hunt & Co. has nurtured my innate curiosity, empowering me to ask questions, explore uncharted territories, and delve deeper into the intricate tapestry of the tech industry. This thirst for knowledge has enriched my understanding and enabled me to guide peers and candidates toward opportunities that align with their aspirations.

Throughout my internship, every team member became a source of wisdom, guiding me forward. Their influence highlighted the value of specialisation and expertise. Recruitment is not just about matching candidates with jobs; it’s about becoming their first point of contact, their advocate, and support when challenges arise. This philosophy reshaped my perception of a recruitment agency – it’s about creating lasting bonds.

Focus on the process, and the results will follow,” is a team mantra. This underscores the importance of quality over quantity. This lesson extends beyond recruitment, emphasising strategic prioritisation. By focusing on fewer tasks and executing them exceptionally, we can achieve transformational outcomes.

Every connection is a good connection,” echoes Mathew Hunt. In a digital world, personal connections hold the power to create lasting impacts. Every interaction, regardless of the outcome, has the potential to pave the way for future collaboration and growth even though you might not think so.

Evaluate whether you’re looking for a job or a career,” advised by Marketing Manager Elise Le-Galloudec, gave better perspective and understanding of distinction between the two which is crucial for shaping one’s professional path. Even though they might look same, when you set your personal and professional goals for yourself, you’d realise how much different they are.

We are more than our work,” stated Carly Shearman in the session Career Path Design & The Future of Work with General Assembly (which you can checkout here). Her advice was to set personal goals before fully immersing in a job resonated deeply. We are more than our professional roles, and it’s vital to maintain a balance that includes personal pursuits. This session also has so many insights and advice on career development and progression which is worth watching.

Wisdom of the team

Throughout my internship, every team member illuminated the path ahead. Carly’s continuous learning sessions, Elise’s insights into event management, Mathew’s reminder to listen attentively, and Holly’s balance between work and family life showcased diverse lessons. These experiences reinforced the importance of collaboration, attention to detail, and achieving success through dedication and balance.

Learning beyond the office

My journey at Hunt & Co. extended beyond technical recruitment. Collaborating with my co-intern Ben Weber was delightful, and I discovered that tech careers encompass diverse roles beyond coding. Practical skills were cultivated alongside theoretical concepts. Sourcing taught me creative information mining, while resume sorting refined my perspective on what companies truly seek.

Assisting Elise in preparing the annual Women in Digital Awards was a highlight (Women in Digital is the sister company of Hunt & Co.). This experience revealed the complexity of event management, emphasising collaboration, attention to detail, and purposeful task management.

A fusion of passion and empowerment

Hunt & Co.’s culture blends passion and empowerment. It celebrates diverse thought, encourages idea-sharing, and fosters continuous learning. Beyond recruitment, Hunt & Co.’s story speaks to the power of nurturing connections, embracing change, and realising potential.

As I conclude my internship at Hunt & Co., I carry with me a treasure trove of wisdom, a renewed zest for learning, and a commitment to fostering connections. This journey has redefined my perception of the tech industry, revealing its multifaceted nature and the pivotal role of recruitment in shaping it. From the team’s insights to my daily activities, I depart Hunt & Co. with gratitude and aspirations to unlock my potential in the tech world.

To those commencing their careers, I encourage you to embrace change, prioritise genuine connections, and follow your passions. These values drive innovation and transformation, and they are the keys to success in the dynamic world of technology and recruitment.

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