Starting a Side Hustle: Advice from UQ Alumni with our very own Holly Hunt

For those interested in launching a side hustle, there really is no shortage of opportunities! But before you jump all in, it always helps to listen to the advice of those that have done it before…

At the recent ‘Starting a Side Hustle’ UQ Young Alumni workshop, Hunt & Co. Founder and CEO Holly Hunt (née Tattersall) joined Pablo Farias Navarro (Founder of Zenva) and Dr Josh Case (Doctor, MedTech SME & Software Dev) to discuss how they turned their side hustles into successful, commercial businesses. Read the full article here.

“Choose something (one or two things maximum) that you want to be known for. Be consistent with those things – let people know what you represent.” – Holly Hunt (née Tattersall)


Watch the video recording here.

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