Success Story: Recruiting an SEO Specialist for one of Australia’s fast-growing financial firms

Hunt & Co. are proud to specialise in a diverse range of digital talent, including many hard-to-find technical roles. We are driven by our purpose to create life-changing connections, and we are invested in going on the journey with you to find the right person for your team. But don’t just take our word for it. Read our success story recruiting an SEO Specialist for one of Brisbane’s leading finance firms.

Let us give you the TL;DR… 

  • A well-known financial comparison company was looking for a mid-level SEO Specialist with experience across search engine optimisation, content creation, keyword research, search strategies and great attention to detail.
  • Hunt & Co. was already representing the perfect candidate that had been vetted by Hunt & Co. two days prior and was ready to interview immediately. 
  • Recognising that speed was crucial to this placement, the client moved quickly and after a two-stage streamlined interview process, the candidate was offered the role.

The Client

Hunt & Co. were engaged to recruit an SEO Specialist for a well-known financial comparison company based in Brisbane. A reliable website with over 10 million Australian visitors between 1 July 2020 and 30 June 2021, the company has earned its stripes as one of Australia’s fastest-growing digital businesses – an impressive feat boosted by the growth of innovation in Brisbane tech’s ecosystem in recent years.

Previously, Hunt & Co. had been brought on to recruit a number of digital roles in the Product and Technology space. For this role, we were excited to involve the Digital Marketing desk to find this specialist.

The Role

This SEO Specialist was an important gap to fill within their Search Engine Optimisation and Editorial team. With content being a core element of the business, the client was looking for a mid-level SEO-focused specialist with strong content experience that could immediately assimilate with a well-established team and champion the SEO from Day One.

Although quite broad in terms of what they were looking for, the ideal candidate needed to have strong knowledge of search engine optimisation best practices, a solid understanding of SEO from the lens of content creation, and experience with key SEO tools including SEMRush, Ahrefs, Screaming Frog and Google Search Console.

This person would play a key role in monitoring and evaluating search results and keyword performance across the major search engines for the business while driving forward key technical projects and targeted content creation. The successful candidate would also be responsible for implementing search strategies for the client’s Australian and New Zealand websites, working to grow traffic and optimise conversions. As with any SEO Specialist role, strong attention to detail and commitment to accuracy were crucial.

The Process

For Hunt & Co., this role had a particularly unique recruitment process in that there was no headhunting required. This is because when we were originally briefed on what they were looking for, it just so happened that we had encountered the perfect candidate two days prior. The candidate had ticked all the boxes in terms of experience with SEO, content creation, creative writing, SEO best practice and came from an agency background which was also attractive to the client. The stars aligned.

This Success Story perfectly highlighted the perks of working with a recruiter whose primary purpose is to build a strong network of strong, technical and career-driven candidates.

As the candidate had already been vetted by one of our recruiters, Hunt & Co. were able to jump on this role quickly and submit the candidate to the client with complete confidence. In turn, the client was both highly responsive and proactive in progressing the candidate as they too could see the value. Given the current market and the niche nature of the candidate’s skill set, speed was required.

After successfully submitting the candidate, the focus quickly switched to preparing the candidate. Thanks to the client’s proactiveness, Hunt & Co. were put in a great position to thoroughly brief and nurture the candidate through the two interview processes and ultimately, set them up for success.

The Result

This was an extremely rewarding and fast-paced placement for our client who had business-critical needs to fill this position. All in all, it was a glowing Success Story for both the client and our team and we are thrilled to see this life-changing connection continue to blossom.

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