Holly Hunt | The Great Resignation

The Great Resignation: What companies need to know to attract and retain top talent

In today’s job market, we are seeing unprecedented changes worldwide with candidates resigning from their current roles without a new job to go to. S0 why are the masses jumping ship and how can brands and agencies attract and retain top talent during this time? We are glad you asked. Flaunter interviewed Hunt & Co.’s Founder and CEO Holly Hunt to find out.

In this must-watch video series by PR and marketing content management software firm, Flaunter, Hunt & Co.‘s Founder and CEO Holly Hunt sat down with Flaunter’s General Manager, Claire Deane to discuss a 2022 trend you already know too well, The Great Resignation. Watch the full interview in the video below or read the full transcript here.

“I think candidates really want to feel like a company cares about them and is going to help them move with the, with the future of the industry.” – Holly Hunt

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