What Does a Recruiter do? Candidate edition

What Does a Recruitment Consultant Do? [Candidate-Edition]

If you’ve never worked with a recruiter before, then you are probably a bit unsure of the process and trust us, you’re not alone! We often get questions regarding the process and how recruitment works from a candidate’s perspective. But we’re here to tell you – it’s not as complicated as you may think. In fact, we are willing to wager that after reading this article, you will wish you had considered contacting a recruiter earlier! Let’s demystify recruitment together and answer the question ‘what does a recruitment consultant do?’

We’re bringing recruitment back to basics! What does a recruiter do?

If you’re looking for your new dream role and have never worked with a recruiter before, you’re in luck. We are diving into what a recruiter does, and the advantages of working with one starting with a step-by-step guide to the recruitment process for candidates:

Step 1: Initial meeting – where the life-changing connection begins 

There are multiple ways you may start a connection with a recruiter. Some of the most common ways a recruiter will find you or vice versa are through headhunting, job ads, the agency’s database or the recruiter’s own network. This includes if you reach out to a recruiter directly through LinkedIn, email or even at an event. When initially talking with a recruiter, you will start the conversation by discussing where you are currently at in your career, what you’re looking for, what you’re passionate about, and what’s important to you. We want to get to know as much as we can about you so we can find you a role that is the perfect match! 

Step 2: The role search begins

The recruiter will then get to work looking at potential roles that align with what you’re looking for, your skills and your experience and then put forward the ones that interest and excite you the most. Recruiters work directly with the client so they will present and advocate for you and your skillset! It is essential you are responsive and open to hearing about new opportunities during this time. Often you will be presented with opportunities that you may not have considered before. It’s important that you don’t pigeonhole yourself to the point that you miss out on exploring potentially great new paths in your career. One of the best things about working with a recruiter is they can open doors that you might not have thought about and present opportunities that you simply cannot find on Seek. 

Step 3: Interviews with potential fits

The interview process begins! Interviews make many nervous but don’t worry, your recruiter will be with you every step of the way organising all the interviews and managing all communications. Added Bonus: they will have amazing tips and tricks to help you nail that interview!

Step 4: Negotiations, contracts and celebrations!

What’s that? You’ve got the job! After a celebratory desk dance party, your recruiter will be your biggest advocate, helping you negotiate and sort out the nitty-gritty contract details! Once the contract is signed, it’s time to celebrate and prepare to thrive in your new role! Although the recruitment process is over, you have just built a life-changing connection so we would love to stay in touch. We want to hear all about your new role and how you’re crushing it!

It all sounds good but what are the benefits for working with a recruiter? 

Whether you are an active job seeker or simply open to the idea of a new role, there are many benefits to linking up with a recruiter. Chances are, you didn’t even know some of these perks! Let us enlighten you:

1. Recruitment services are completely FREE!

This is one of the most common questions we hear from candidates: what will this service cost me? Good news! One of the best parts about working with a recruiter is that this service is 100% free for candidates. If you are successfully placed, our recruiters will receive a recruitment fee directly from your new employer. You can unlock all of these benefits without a single cent being spent, sounds pretty amazing right?

2. You get access to roles that may not be advertised

Think you’ve seen every job there is to see on LinkedIn or Seek? Think again. Recruiters work closely with a range of clients meaning, they learn of new roles every day including many exclusive, hidden roles you won’t find by scrolling online. By working with a recruiter, you will have access to companies you’ve may never have heard of and roles that aren’t readily available when you are searching by yourself. This gives you a major advantage in the job market and access to great opportunities.

3. Your application will stand out to prospective employers

The best part of working with a recruiter is that you basically become BFFs. Your recruiter will know everything there is to know about you professionally: your experience, your skillset and your goals. When they are putting you forward to employers they can advocate for you, making you and your resume stand out from the rest!

4. Your recruiter will be your biggest advocate – handling difficult conversations on your behalf like salary negotiations (and cheering you along every step of the way!)

Another perk of having a recruitment BFF is that they help handle all the uncomfortable back-and-forth for you. Do you hate negotiating salaries? Well, they have you covered. Working with a recruiter means they will take care of contract and salary negotiations all on your behalf! They will help secure you the best deal possible, keeping you informed at every stage. All you have to do is sign the dotted line!

5. It’s like having a sounding board in your back pocket. If you’re not sure where to take your career next, your recruiter can be a great person to have strategic conversations with

Not sure what you’re looking for? Or need help breaking into a new industry? Your recruiter has got your back! Recruiters work with a lot of different people with diverse knowledge and industry experience. They can help you navigate your next move, arrange introductions, help you through the resignation process and help you explore industries you haven’t considered!

6. Get untapped access to industry insights

Our recruiters talk to clients and candidates all day every day across a range of industries and roles. This means they have access to a range of industry insights on the current market, comprehensive knowledge about salaries, digital and tech trends, company structures and more! This is your opportunity to pick their brain about anything and everything.

Plus, have you seen our Digital Salary Guide? As an employee, this can serve as a valuable resource to benchmark industry standards and identify future opportunities in your career. You can download the Hunt & Co. Digital Salary guide here.

7. There’s never any obligation to take any recruitment process further than you’re comfortable with. So in our eyes, you’ve got nothing to lose!

Found a different path you want to follow? Or decided you’re happy with where you’re at? That’s a-okay! There is no pressure or obligation to go through our recruitment process at any stage. If in the future, you are ready to start looking for a new opportunity again, get back in touch with your recruiter to see what’s on offer!

See, we told you, it wasn’t as complicated as you thought! And who wouldn’t want a personal career cheerleader to cheer you on throughout the job hunting process?

If you still have a few questions, check out common candidate FAQs, connect with our recruiters on LinkedIn or send us a message. Let us help you find your dream role today! 

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