Bikkie Tuesday: How a snack debate turned into a team building success story

Bikkie Tuesday: How a snack debate turned into a team building success story

In September 2021, one of our team members launched a very wholesome (and tasty) team bonding project called ‘Bikkie Tuesday’. Little did they know at the time, Bikkie Tuesday would become a very beloved team-building initiative, a core part of our company culture and an idea that would go on to be adopted by other teams including Qwirl.

So what is Bikkie Tuesday?

After several heated team discussions during lunch breaks over what the ultimate biscuit is (or as we prefer to say… bikkie), it was decided that enough was enough. What does one do when a group of competitive professional human beings cannot decide on the best biscuit? You design a 10-week test to determine the result with analytics of course.

That is how Bikkie Tuesday was born.

Simply put, we needed data-driven insights. So over the next 10 weeks no less, the Hunt & Co. team ventured into the kitchen each Tuesday and tried ten popular, fan-favourite bikkies (recommended by team members) ranking them on a variety of quantitative scales. After 10 weeks, the ultimate bikkie was decided.

Who were the contestants?

  • Tim Tams
  • Oreo Originals
  • Squiggles (a delightful hokey pokey biscuit from New Zealand recommended by CEO & Founder, Holly Hunt)
  • Monte Carlos
  • Hundred and Thousands
  • Scotch Fingers
  • The Venetian
  • Choc Ripples
  • Tic Tocs
  • Orange Slices

Although not an inclusive list of all biscuits from your local Woolies or other supermarkets, these bikkies represented a sample of some of our go-to favourites.

How did we rate the biscuits?

A scoring criterion with a scale of 1-10 was used to determine the top biscuits. The scoring criteria was as follows:

Taste: How much do my taste buds like this?

​Texture: How interesting is this to eat?

​Wow Factor: Objectively, how much wow-factor does this bikkie have?

​Joie De Vivre: How much joy does this eating experience give me? Is it sparking joy?

​Broad Appeal: If I were to bring this bikkie to a party (a picnic perhaps…) how delighted would the guests be?

Team members could also make a comment to emphasise their delight or dismay. Hunt & Co. values both quantitative and qualitative data.

What did the data show?

Following a PowerPoint presentation filled with bikkie data insights, the top three biscuits were revealed…

  1. Tim Tam
  2. Hundred and Thousands
  3. The Venetian

Congratulations to the winning bikkie, the Arnott’s Tim Tam (an Aussie staple) and Marketing & Admin Manager Elise Le-Galloudec who correctly guessed two of the top 3 bikkies.

What were the results for the team?

While it was a bit of tasty fun and mainly a ploy for a weekly mid-morning snack, it was pleasantly surprising to see just how many benefits Bikkie Tuesday had for our team.

  • It boosted morale (because bikkies are yum)
  • It gave us another thing to all look forward to each week
  • It bought us closer together as a team by being able to learn more about each other’s flavour preferences and it helped us identify those who have absolutely no taste buds because they like Orange Slices
  • It also gave us another thing to talk about that wasn’t recruitment-related. This can be really key when managing burnout and it’s also a nice jumping-off point when it comes to childhood nostalgia (or adult nostalgia if you still have an obsession with Tic Tocs)

What’s next for Bikkie Tuesday?

The Hunt & Co. Team is very excited to announce the launch of Chippie Tuesday – an exploration of the weird and wonderful chips straight from the shelves of Australian supermarkets. We can’t wait to see who takes out the top spot… Stay tuned.

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