Teach Starter acquired by global ed-tech provider, Tes

Hunt & Co. is thrilled to share that global ed-tech provider, Tes has acquired Teach Starter in a deal that will create exciting new opportunities for the popular educational resource startup.

Teach Starter is an ed-tech subscription platform designed for teachers by teachers. Their purpose is to unlock the passion, purpose, and potential of teachers so they can expand what’s possible for every student – providing a platform for teachers to access thousands of resources and teaching assets. As Teach Starter’s external talent acquisition partner, we have seen Teach Starter grow and evolve its growing customer base in Australia and the United States and are continually impressed by its curated library of resources for K-6 teachers.

The acquisition of Teach Starter by Tes is a major milestone for both companies and an exciting new chapter in the education industry. It represents a major win for Teach Starter and its dedicated team of educators and professionals who have worked tirelessly to build a brand that is synonymous with quality, creativity and innovation in the education space. As one of the world’s leading education companies, Tes has the resources and global reach to help Teach Starter achieve even greater success in the years ahead.

Hunt & Co. is proud to have played a key role in helping Teach Starter recruit top talent, most recently their Head of Product, as it continues to create innovative educational resources that are transforming classrooms across Australia, the US, the UK and beyond.

“Only ten years ago, this business started with something very simple, but with a great vision. Today we are becoming part of one of the most established brands for supporting teachers and schools across the globe. We thrive when we see our actions positively impact teachers and students, so knowing that we are joining others that share those values is an important ingredient in how we grow from here to support many more teachers and students.” – Liz McMillan, Chief Executive Officer of Teach Starter (source: Tes)

We look forward to seeing Teach Starter go from strength to strength under the ownership of Tes. With the continued support of Hunt & Co. and the broader education community, we believe that Teach Starter will continue to be a driving force in the education industry for years to come.

You can learn more about the acquisition here.

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