2017 Trends in Digital Recruitment: What We’re Predicting

Truly great digital talent is getting harder to find. Here are the digital recruitment trends I’m predicting for 2017:

    1. An ever increasing reliance on team leader led recruitment. Team leaders will need to go double duty to get out and build their personal recruitment networks if their companies don’t support the use of digital recruitment specialists such as Hunt& Co. Head-hunting reigns supreme in this realm and is an incredibly effective yet time-consuming process.
    2. An increase in employer led visa sponsorship  seeking the best digital talent, through migration lawyers, followed by a more fluid attitude to international recruitment using companies like Women in Digital and Hunt & Co. that have international networks.
    3. Onshore/offshore teams will become the norm, with strategic heads kept local and offshore managed teams solidified. No more outsourced services, companies are getting more comfortable with the concept of building a team offshore.
    4. The push for diversity will go beyond gender, extending to age, experience, sexuality and ability.
    5. Diversity and inclusion benchmarks, and tangible financial returns will be established to help companies understand the value of diversity and where they sit on the cookie cutter talent spectrum.
    6. Appreciation for the customer experience/the importance of a customer experience specialist in the company, no matter the size of the organisation.
    7. The word innovation will continue to be a favourite – and see mid to large sized organisations sprout innovation teams that will drive their competitive edge. The challenge will be in measuring what success really looks like to an innovation specialist, and lines of accountability.
    8. Programmatic advertising will become standard for companies that can afford it, and will see advertising agencies that offer these teams grow, and see other corporates build their own internal teams.
    9. Retention will become a nightmare, particularly in Brisbane. As the war for talent heats up companies will be scrambling to offer bigger salaries and better perks to their employees. The most successful employers will keep their talent by tapping into their employee’s intrinsic goals and needs. They’ll figure out what really drives their employees – which goes beyond a fat pay cheque.

    What are your thoughts on digital recruitment trends? Drop us a line. We’d love to hear your thoughts on how you’ll be recruiting and retaining the best talent in 2017.

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